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Alchemy Sound and Vision is your one-stop-shop for all your audio, video, lighting, security, surveillance, and more!
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Alchemy Sound and Vision is your single-source provider for all your A/V needs. We focus on partnering with multi-venue operators providing them with uniform systems nationwide therefore eliminating hours of training and making deploying and servicing your systems a breeze.

We are committed to customer service, attention to detail is never overlooked. Our installation team travels nationwide to ensure our jobs are completed as we intended, we do not subcontract any of the work we bid. We also provide a 24-hour service hotline to guarantee the operations of your business are not disrupted.


Commercial Audio Systems

Transform your business environment with Alchemy's commercial audio systems. Tailored to meet the unique needs of each space, our audio solutions deliver crystal-clear sound, enhancing customer experiences and workplace efficiency. From background music to comprehensive PA systems, elevate your commercial space with sound that speaks volumes.

Video Display/Distribution Systems

Engage and inform with cutting-edge video display and distribution systems by Alchemy. Perfect for commercial, educational, or entertainment spaces, our video solutions offer vibrant visuals and seamless distribution, ensuring your message is seen clearly, everywhere it needs to be. Experience the future of visual communication.

Lighting Control Solutions

Alchemy's lighting control solutions merge innovation with ambiance, offering unparalleled control over the mood and aesthetics of your space. From energy-efficient commercial lighting to dynamic home automation, our systems provide the perfect lighting for any occasion, enhancing environments while optimizing convenience and efficiency.

Smart Home Technologies

Step into the future with Alchemy's smart home technologies. Our systems integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle, offering intuitive control over lighting, climate, entertainment, and security. Transform your living space into a haven of comfort and convenience, where every element of your home responds to your needs.

Home Theatres

Create the ultimate cinematic experience with Alchemy's custom home theatres. From stunning visuals to immersive audio, our home theatre systems are designed to bring the magic of the movies into your home. Tailored to fit your space and preferences, Alchemy ensures every viewing is a premiere event.

IT/Networking Services

Alchemy's IT and networking services ensure your systems are connected, secure, and running smoothly. With a focus on reliability and efficiency, our networking solutions support everything from small home offices to large commercial infrastructures, ensuring seamless operation and optimal performance.

Live Events Equipment Rental/Setup

Bring your live events to life with Alchemy's equipment rental and setup services. Offering everything from high-quality audio systems to stunning lighting and video displays, our team ensures your event is unforgettable. With expert installation and support, we take the technical worries out of your live event, letting you focus on the show.