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Transform every event into a memorable experience with Alchemy Sound and Vision. Specializing in event spaces, we understand the importance of creating the right atmosphere for every moment – from the solemnity of a ceremony to the energy of a dance party. Our team is dedicated to designing AV solutions that align perfectly with the unique vibe of each event.

Versatile AV Design

Whether it’s a serene cocktail hour or a lively dinner, our AV designs are fun, fresh, and state-of-the-art. We craft each setup to enhance the specific segment of your event, ensuring a seamless transition and an immersive experience for your guests.

Entertainment Variety

We cater to all entertainment needs – be it a DJ spinning tracks, a live band setting the mood, or a combination of both. Our systems are designed to support and elevate any form of entertainment, ensuring top-notch audio and visual quality that complements the performance.

Clients Around the World

Projects Completed

Advanced Systems

Our offerings include large-format sound systems for clear, powerful audio, theatrical lighting to set the perfect ambiance, low voltage solutions for efficient power management, and sophisticated control systems for seamless operation.

Ease of Control and Support

We believe in not just installing advanced systems, but also in ensuring they are easy to control and manage. To guarantee your event runs smoothly, we provide a 24-hour service line, ready to support and keep your event going, no matter the time of day or night.

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